Free Maintenance Webinar - April 28

'Plant shutdowns are the most expensive and time-consuming of maintenance projects because of the loss of production and the expense of the turnaround itself. They are complex; and as the complexity increases, they become more costly and difficult to manage'.

A plant shutdown almost always has a negative financial impact. This negative impact is due to a number of different factors but predominantly the loss of production revenue and a major cash outlay for the plant turnaround and shutdown expenses.

Routine maintenance often consists of high volume but less complex work and is incredibly dependent on scheduling and the allocation and tracking of resources.

The positive side of either is not as obvious; therefore, it is often over looked. The positive impacts are an increase in equipment and asset reliability, continued production integrity, and a reduction in the risk of unscheduled outages or catastrophic failure.

Visibility and access to project information for the entire enterprise from a single source will streamline operations and reduce costs - but for many enterprises, that information is often not easily available.

Whether your role is in the boardroom or getting your hands dirty on the plant floor, rich and readily available project details enable smarter decisions.

For executives, issues of a strategic nature - like project cash flow, risks and costs - need to be instantly accessible in order to drive longer-term alignment with enterprise goals. For those who are tasked with managing specific short-cycle projects decision-making speed is critical.

Everybody needs the confidence that they'll have resources they need - the right ones - for the tasks associated with the work all in a timely manner. From our first hand experience, a lack of technology - or the wrong technology - and processes can result in costs getting out of control, completion dates slipping, resources being overscheduled, and no clear enterprise view of projects and their progress.

The Agenda:

  • Calculating Productivity Factor using Lean Six Sigma Method

  • Reviewing work scope using Monte Carlo risk model

  • Control planning and delivery with event dashboards

To Attend:

Please send an email to and CMCS will send you the webinar invitation. Please note that the event can only take 100 attendees so please register today to avoid disappointment.

The Host:

Ross Coulman - Managing Director, IAMTech.

With a career spanning over twenty years dedicated to the development of Industrial IT solutions, Ross has achieved global success with the roll out of numerous IT systems in the Oil, Gas, Power and Chemical Inustries.

Ross has worked with and delivered successful software solutions to; BP, Certas Energy, Enron, Esso, Jupiter Insurance Ltd, Interserve Plc, Oiltanking, Perenco and Sembcorp Industries, to name a few.

Through Ross' leadership and expertise, IAMTech's software solutions are being successfully utilised in over twenty three countries around the world - specialising in Shutdown & Maintenance Management software.



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