Industrial solutions provider IAMTech are proud to announce the launch of a brand new mobile industrial app to the Oil, Gas, Power and Chemical sectors, ‘IAMMonitor’.

IAMMonitor allows you to revolutionise the way you collect and understand your gauge and monitor readings on your industrial asset by allowing you to record your readings electronically on an intrinsically safe handheld device immediately pushing your data into a live, online dashboard.

This dashboard can then be viewed by supervisors and managers who will instantly be presented with your current active alarms, which are the gauges or monitors which need urgent attention, a breakdown of the gauges which have had the most alarms over the last 5 days and the types of alarms, such as ‘warning’ or ‘critical’ your site has had by day.

Drilling down further into the recorded data enables you to view individual gauges or monitors and their historical reading information enabling you to view trends such as an increase or decrease in pressure over time. The display will also show you your predefined alarm lines so you can notice trends and highlight failures ahead of time.

With the inbuilt calibration feature, you are automatically updated if you pass the next calibration date on any individual monitor or gauge and warned that your reading may not be accurate.

With the routine feature, you are able to assign gauges to a specific route taken by an individual process operator, grouping those you wish to be monitored.

IAMMonitor is software designed to be used in Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Chemical Plants, Offshore Platforms, Onshore Terminals and Power Stations in both ATEX and non-ATEX environments.

Over the last few decades, most industrial facilities have been required to increase production capacity but have been provided with few upgrades to existing equipment to accommodate this increase in output.

As a result this has increased stress on plant systems and operating units. For example, higher pulsating pressures and heavy mechanically induced vibrations are translating to all areas of processing equipment, especially pressure instrumentation.

IAMMonitor totally eliminates the need for a paper based register with the benefit of reducing effort in recording data and increasing accountability among your staff and contractors for accurate and scheduled readings.

In addition, IAMMonitor can be used with complimentary technology such as barcoding, QR and RFDID tagging which ensures your operators are recording information from the correct locations.

IAMTech Managing Director, Ross Coulman: “Recording gauge and monitor readings is one of the simplest and most important jobs on any industrial site but it’s also one of the easiest jobs to get wrong.

Simple things such as reading the incorrect gauge, misreading your handwriting when electronically typing up your readings from your pad and plant personnel failing to read the gauge at all can all have catastrophic results. IAMMonitor addresses all these problems ensuring you have a safer site and more efficient workers.

For more information please email sales@iamtech.com or visit www.iamtech.com

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