IAMTech and SuccorfishM2M sign exciting agreement!..

IAMTech and SuccorfishM2M have signed an exciting agreement that will see IAMTech sell the SuccorfishM2M SC2 and SC3 products.

The SC2 and SC3 are intelligent, fit for purpose, hardware and data communication systems that deliver real time GPS/GPRS/GSM and satellite connectivity to mobile assets operating in the world’s most extreme environments.

To find out more about these products, please visit our website.

IAMTech Managing Director, Ross Coulman: “At IAMTech we have spent years reviewing and struggling to find a GPS tracking solution, with total global coverage, long battery life and smart antennae that enables concealed positioning, after over a decade of searching, we have finally found a device that meets all of our customers success criteria.

Succorfish’s SC2, SC3 and soon to arrive SC4, not only meet our Oil, Gas, Power and Chemical client’s needs for asset tracking, but can also be used as a remote location data link, we are keen to show pipeline metering transmission, without the need for expensive cabling, or GSM infrastructure.

Complimenting Succorfish’s hardware with our existing pipeline geographical information system, as well as our data acquisition capabilities from our sister company RentADrone Limited, means we have become a one stop shop for pipeline network operators to get pipeline surveying, data management and data transmission, using the latest technologies available, all from one provider - IAMTech.

Collectively this is another excellent industrial offering from the North East of England!

SuccorfishM2M is a global manufacturer of robust and highly innovative, machine-to-machine (M2M), hardware, software and data communication tracking solutions for land, marine, tactical and personal safety applications.

For more information about this partnership or the SC2 and SC3 products please email us!


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