View our Shutdowns and Maintenance Webinar in your own time!..

On Tuesday 28th April and Tuesday 26th May IAMTech held our first Shutdowns and Maintenance webinars.

You can view our webinar here.

With industry professionals from over 30 countries in attendance the audience was diverse and highly experienced so we were especially happy that they were willing to spend time learning about our experience of modern asset maintenance practices.

Our webinar focussed on:

• Control planning and delivery with event dashboards

• Calculating Productivity Factor using the Lean Six Sigma Method

• Reviewing your work scope using Monte Carlo risk model, prior to detailed planning, to determine if chosen scope is deliverable in the time your asset is due to be switched off!

IAMTech Managing Director, Ross Coulman: IAMTech are world leaders in promoting best practice on Shutdowns and Maintenance in the Oil, Gas, Power and Chemical sectors, so to have over 200 industry professionals register and attend to learn more about our experience in modern methodologies and how our solutions can help improve event planning & execution is fantastic.

I look forward to working with some of the delegates closely over the coming months and helping them to improve their practices further.

If you have any comments or questions about our webinar, please email us!

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