A Visit to ICI 1952

ICI may have closed its last Teesside site in 2006 but its legacy continues grow with more and more companies utilising the infrastructure they helped to build and workforce they trained.

At one point, ICI employed over 30,000 people on Teesside at their sites in Billingham and Wilton cementing its place as THE regions key employer which played a huge part in the lives of thousands of families.

IAMTech, based at the former ICI HQ on Wilton has unearthed a video titled: ‘A Visit To Teesside’ which we believe was produced in 1952. The video shows the huge footprint ICI had on the Teesside area and clearly demonstrates the cutting edge technology they were developing even before this video was made.

You can view the video here: http://player.bfi.org.uk/film/watch-visit-to-ici-1952/

You can visit www.iamtech.com to find out more about innovative software and hardware solutions for the Oil, Gas, Power and Chemical industries from IAMTech.

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