Undetected Gas Leak on North Sea Oil Platform

On March 20th 2015 a major gas leak occurred on an oil platform in the North Sea. In total, over 1670 kg of gas leaked from a fractured steel pipe over the course of over 90 minutes without being detected by the flammable gas detection system on the platform.

For the entire period, all areas of the platform were at an extremely high risk of explosion due to the dense presence of flammable gas. The leak was only discovered by the sense of smell of a worker on the platform over 80mins after the leak occurred.

Even the smallest spark could have had disastrous consequences due to high amount of dense flammable gas present. It is essential to supply your workers with the most safe and reliable equipment possible for instances like this where a serious emergency could occur.

With Zone 1 ATEX devices such as smartphones, as soon as a gas leak is detected, you can easily alert every worker on-site and instruct them to get to a designated safety zone, significantly improving the wellbeing of your workforce.

For more information about intrinsically safe devices, please visit our website: http://iamtech.com/product-smartex.aspx

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