The journey to industrial data mobility!

As you embark on the mobility journey, the following must be considered:

1. Choosing devices/platforms that allow for broad role & environmental adoption, including in hazardous areas. A crucial challenge in oil & gas for deploying mobility solutions is the ‘hardening’ of the device itself. While there is an increasingly massive range of smart phones, i-Devices and PC tablets, very few stand the safety rigor, high bandwidth requirements, and the rugged design needed in this industry. IAMTech’s range of intrinsically safe tablets and smartphones can be used and relied on; we offer Atex zone 1 & 2 certified devices that designed to perform in hazardous areas.

2. Translating the existing administrative systems for permit, allocations, monitoring, etc. into a cloud based administrative system. This is where we bring the heavy artillery. Our software products have undergone thousands of hours of product development under experts in all relevant areas. Moreover, we have always listened carefully to our clients and partners, always to our mutual advantage. As a result, we have robust platforms that leave no stone unturned, alleviating the stress and inefficiency that come with information blind-spots and ramshackle communications. After a few weeks of working with our software, with real time information enabling faster, smarter decisions, you will never go back to the old, sluggish paper-based systems. Please take the time to learn more at

3. Putting into place the device policies and governance to support mobility. Once you have the necessary hardware and software, it’s not enough just to plonk the devices onto people’s desks and hand out usernames and passwords. Like anything worthwhile, it takes discipline and a clear overall strategy to ensure adoption, including training & online video tutorials.

4. Maintaining and managing the mobile applications portfolio. System updates, data storage and processing, and hardware maintenance need to be undertaken with care to ensure a consistently robust system that evolves in step with the organization.

Do it with IAMTech

Obviously, all of this is hard to visualize on the basis of this document. To learn more about how we work and what we offer, a good place to start is our website, which features case studies, data sheets on our products, and general information about our company.

And/or, just get in touch with us and we can begin to listen & understand your exact requirements. The business case for our products and services is so clear that we will happily invest our time for the opportunity to take prospective clients through an informative yet succinct presentation (your time is worth as much as our own) —just contact us and we will facilitate a polite, informed representative to a time of your choosing, secure in the knowledge that nobody’s time is being wasted!

IAMTech has been a pioneer in improving asset efficiency through streamlining maintenance, operations and safety processes in the oil, gas and chemical markets for the last 15 years.. Our growing success is the best testimony to the quality of our asset management software solutions. Moreover, after 15 years spent refining our products and services – listening carefully to our customers and capitalizing on developments in data management and software – our richly deserved reputation for reliability is growing and spreading.

Our products have been painstakingly refined through years of listening to our customer requirements to tackle industry-wide problems, for companies including Air Products, BP Chemicals, BP Exploration, Certas Energy, Chemoxy, Esso Petroleum, Falck, Hertel, Huntsman, Ineos, Jupiter Insurance, Kaefer, NesteOil, Oiltanking, Perenco & Petronas.

Combining this first hand industry experience with our ever-growing partnerships with world-leading industrial organisations enables IAMTech to understand the technology needs of industry.

Using this position as our foundation has enabled us to build an impressive portfolio of products and services that are being rapidly adopted throughout the oil & gas industry.

What are you waiting for? Our offering is ready to help you today to counter the soft oil era over the next 5–10 years

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