Digital Asset Management: The Benefits for Iranian Oil, Gas, Chemical and Power

Iran is re-entering an oil & gas market with razor-thin profit margins.

Against this backdrop, it is crucial in the medium and long term that that the Iranian oil industry catches up in terms of oil asset management. To achieve this, partnerships between Iranian oil & gas companies and international operators – such as engineering firms and technology providers – will allow Iranian industry to bypass years of trial and error in digital asset management to accelerate efficiency, improve safety and increase production output. These benefits are exactly why the oil, gas, chemical and power market, from global majors to regional independents, turn to organizations such as IAMTech.

IAMTech started life as industrial plant model makers 42 years ago and has grown into a leading hub for the development of innovative technology solutions for the Oil, Gas, Chemical and Power industries. We have the accumulated first-hand experience of hundreds of projects & customers distilled into our suite of software products.

We can help Iranian oil, gas, chemical and power to…

Deliver drastically more effective maintenance and outages Mobilize data in hazardous plant environments on our intrinsic devices Qualify and quantify fire, gas and explosion risks for rapid accurate decision making as well as long term planning

Manage & reduce hazardous substances, such as asbestos

Manage integrity of assets, such as inter-plant and inter-site pipeline networks Systemize (& digitize) your daily plant processes such as; - Permit to work processes - Scoping and managing execution of plant activity - Capturing in real time progress and expenditure of work on site - Safety management - Monitoring gauge readings - Quality assurance prior to plant commissioning & decommissioning - Lock open and lock closing of valves

The coming decade will be crucial for Iranian industry in exporting, and it is essential that it becomes competitive in production efficiency. While other players in the region have refined their plant operations over the last decade, the accelerating development of software and hardware gives Iran the opportunity not only to catch up with its competitors but to overtake them.

We would be delighted to discuss your situation and requirements. We are proud of what we have achieved for our clients, and our rapid growth is testament to the worth of our product.

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