IAMTech delivers bespoke safety software for Tangerine Confectionery Ltd

IAMTech have been recently commissioned by the leading UK independent sugar & confectionery supplier, Tangerine Confectionery Ltd, to build a tailored software solution to meet the requirements of the sweet manufacturers Health & Safety team.

The finished software, named HUB, allows Tangerine to capture Safety Concerns (near misses), accident reports, safety audits and risk assessments in one central standardised system, for all its plants.

The system provides the health and safety team with period based reporting via various dashboards, including; Accident Reporting, Audit Reporting, Causation, KPI’s, Year on Year, & factory comparison based safety performance in a league table format.

Nik Adams, Tangerine, Group Health, Safety & Environment Manager, explains “We had evaluated other health & safety software systems prior to engaging IAMTech and found other software in some instances lacking the necessary functionality, others packages providing us with functionality we would never use and in most cases the pricing was cost prohibitive. By working with IAMTech’s team, using the agile development methodology, we have resulted in getting exactly the features and functionality we required at a sensible cost, at the same time saving us ongoing licensing costs we would have incurred with an off the shelf product.”

Ross Coulman, IAMTech, Managing Director, “Our project with Tangerine illustrates that the development of a bespoke software solution can be achieved quickly and at low cost when working with a provider that does not apply a technology tax to its pricing. We look forward to a long relationship with Tangerine and the possibility of future projects together, not least so we can sample more of their great products at meetings!”

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